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The situation in Aliabad Region has gotten worse very fast in the last months.
Enemy activity is now very strong and HQ has received fearsome intelligence.
An officer, follower of Aziz, has put his hands on a nuclear weapon and he is threatening to explode it if his requests aren't answered, i.e. US forces should depart the country and Takistan should  turn back to the realm of terror of Aziz's minions.
It is understood we can't allow that; our troops in the area have been ordered to terminate the officer, gather from his body definitive intelligence about the location of the weapon and defuse the bomb.
A small AA detachment has been set a few kilometers off our FOB, therefore the site must be sanitized before flying off to the mission.

- ACE and ACRE fully supported.
- =BTC= Logistic included.
- You can set your view distance.
- You can repair wrekcs (marked position).
- You can create an ammo box (marked position).
- SL can deploy a rally point.

Version: 1.00

Aliabad Region

- = BlackTemplarsClan =
- lucilk for his nuclear bomb script
- =BTC= Papo for translation

http://www.giallustio.altervista.org/pa ... winter.php
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