ArmA2 Play4Free 4v4 Tournament!

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Ciao amici Italiani


The ArmA Strategic Command offers you a great tournament for ArmA2 Play4Free.
Grab three friends of yours and compete with others! Small scale strategic matches on the Autum 4vs4 Cup basis!
The Autum Cup will start on 30 of September. More info at [url=http://""]ArmA2 Strategic Command[/url]
Feel free to contact us at the forums or @

If you have more than 4 players you can deploy more squads :)
We hope to see you there

All scripts made by [UMPC] Hunter missions Designed by Vampyric Tyrant for ArmA Strategic Command
Version 075

Minor balance tweeks, distances etc

These maps will be used for the 4vs4 Autum cup, the Scripts are made by Hunter and the missions were designed by Vampyric Tyrant.

In order to participate to the tournament and fill this form.
If you want to contact us don't hesitate to email us at

Mission Content:
Opposition: Minor distance tweeks some cover to the Opfor way
A fight for the control of two farms separated by a highway and boxed from the east with the sea.

Wind:  Minor distance tweeks
Fight for a single location, a castle at the top of a hill, the first engagement will determinate much for the rest of the match.

B2T:  Minor distance tweeks
A ruined village between two hills, each having a tower as a vantage point. Can you resist the pressure after you capture the objective?

Airport:  Minor distance tweeks
Unforgiving and dreadful map both sides fight for the control of Utes Airport, will you stray to find the enemy respawn truck and risk the whole integrity of the line or play defensively? ... nd_075.rar ... nd_075.rar ... nd_075.rar
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the final mappack is here
There are already 18 clans that have joined plus AB from italy ;)

you can sign up until 30th of September we hope to see you there!