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=BTC= Revive [A3]

Inviato: gio mar 07, 2013 10:49 am
da Giallustio
=BTC= Revive

Hey guys! After a bit of work i'm proud to release my new revive!
Remember that is an alpha so there are some bugs.


- Set who can revive
- Revive timer
- Respawn by action menu (atm)


Copy "=BTC=_revive" folder in your mission folder.

Add in the init.sqf:

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call compile preprocessFile "=BTC=_revive\=BTC=_revive_init.sqf";
Add in the description.ext:

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Respawn = 3;
RespawnDelay = 4;
#include "=BTC=_revive\=BTC=_respawn.h"
Have fun guys! ;)

- = BlackTemplarsClan = for testing and feedback
- BIS for Arma 3
- =BTC= Crasso for being killed a lot of times :P


BIS Forum:

Video Tutorial:

Appena ho un attimo faccio la traduzione del mio pessimo inglese :asd